For years, pergolas have been enjoyed by home owners looking for a unique way to utilise their outdoor space, without having to get caught in the rain, or put up with blistering sunshine. At The Deck Builder, we understand a thing or two about construction effective, functional pergolas that can take advantage of any available space, but what exactly could your new structure be used for?


Is there anything quite like a good Aussie Barbie? The great thing about the pergolas that we design is that they can be modified to consider the instalment of a barbeque. Even if you don’t have plans to get your BBQ up and running any time soon, you’ll be pleased to hear that with sealed finishes, your pergola should stand the test of time (but it’s worth noting that fire and wood never go hand in hand – unless you’re hoping for something to go up in smoke!) 

Seating areas

Another great use for these types of structures are seating areas. The more space that you have available, the larger your area can be – and once you have the cover professionally installed by our team, you’ll be free to add seating in the form of chairs, tables and even an outdoor lounge to fulfil all your desires.

Chill-out zones

We’ve seen many home owners take advantage of their outdoor coverage by adding a few large pillows, installing soft chairs and even having speakers strategically placed around the frame. Why might they do this? For the option to create chill-out zones, of course. From meditation areas that provide coverage from the elements whilst allowing you to enjoy the outdoors, right through to external man-caves where a little table tennis can be undertaken over a few beers – once your pergola is set up, you’ll be free to choose what you do with it.

All-weather cover

One of the most popular reasons for having these types of structures installed is for some effective all-weather coverage. With options for guttering, the rain won’t be an issue and if you’re keen to stop the sun from beating down on you, your furniture, or your guests – a well-made roof will provide plenty of shade without detracting from the breeze in the process.


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