Our timber decking is by far some of the most functional that you could hope to come across. Not only do we secure it to ensure that it remains structurally sound whilst in use – we’ll take care of the finishing with coats of varnish in a colour that suits your specific preferences. But as with all wood, even the hardwood that we use for decking and pergolas; it will need to be looked after properly to stand the test of time.

How Can This Be Done?

There are several options at your disposal; from those that need upkeep on an infrequent basis (such as every few years), right through to more permanent solutions. There’s no such thing as the ‘ideal’ option, but there are many right ways to go about looking after your decking to keep it functional well into the future. Here’s a closer look at some of the most effective.

Consider coverage

From a pergola being installed to shield the decking underneath from the sun, right through to temporary canvas covers that can add shade in the form of sails and then being removed ready for the winter winds – your options are wide and varied. The bottom line is that if your wood is exposed to the elements on a consistent basis, it will need to be shielded in some way. Coverage is an excellent solution, but it’s just one of them.


Heat from the sun, as well as hydration from the rain, can lead to flaking of sealants over time. Although we use the highest quality pigments in all of our varnishes, they aren’t impervious to deterioration and that’s why we encourage re-hiring our experts to maintain your decking every few years. Alternatively you could opt to take care of this yourself and being sure to sand down any flaking areas before buffing the surface to prepare for a new coat of varnish is certainly the way to go.

Clean stains as soon as possible

Whether you use your new deck to host parties or if you simply add a chair or two to enjoy the view in the evenings, stains can happen – and when they do it’s important to treat them as soon as possible. A good way to do this is with frequent wipes using a standard wood cleaner. There are products available that can help to replenish the natural sheen within varnishes, allowing you to lift away dirt and grime without detracting from the appearance of your protective layer on the surface.